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Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel means many things to many people and has often been prefaced as either “soft” or “hard” adventure. Bird watching or birding is classified as adventure travel and so is class 4 white water rafting and mountain climbing. Obviously the level of physical risk and amount of training and experience required for an adventure vacation determines the further classification of medium and difficult.

Soft or easy adventure involves little physical risk and offers convenience and comfort. Activities such as cultural, art or culinary tours, camping or “glamping”, snorkeling, casual bicycling, fly fishing, snowshoeing, teambuilding, wildlife viewing, or simply horseback riding.

I would classify most skiing trips, many kinds of volunteering opportunities, and hiking or trekking as medium adventures. Many of these activities are similar to those found in the ‘hard adventure’ category, only at a less physically demanding level.

No one would argue that trekking in the Himalaya’s with Sherpas is anything other than the most difficult of adventure travelling.

There are a myriad of travel companies world-wide with years of experience available to help you plan whatever type of adventure vacation you can visualize.

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